Brand Name

How we designed and verified a global fintech platform in 2 months

Erste Fintech Cloud

  • Client's brief

    Ceska Sporitelna, part of the Erste group, is one of the biggest finance groups in Europe with more than 16 milion clients across the Central and Eastern Europe.

  • Vision

    To create a business platform for startups and fintech companies that enables them to deliver their products to Erste's customer base. It's like Apple AppStore for finance apps.

  • Problem

    Jan Sechovec, Head of Advanced technologies in Ceska Sporitelna, had a clear vision but he needed to find out if the idea is worth doing. He also needed materials that help him sell the idea internally.

  • Task

    Make the vision realistic and understandable for the target audience. Then verify its attractiveness and get feedback from startups, accelerators, investors and other members of the target audience. Last but not least kill the bad ideas.

  • Our process

    What we did to meet the client's expectations

    The first step was to specify for whom we are creating the product. Then we have created hypothesis such as "End customers (don't) want the 3rd party products in their internet banking".

    • Research

      We've met dozens of people that represents selected target groups and led a 1 hour interview with each of them.

    • Prototyping

      We've made an interactive prototype of the new internet banking mobile app.

    • Marketing

      Then we've created a whole marketing strategy with all the materials (website, product video, pitchdeck and social media profiles).

    • Sales

      We've found even more representatives of our target audiences, tried to sell them the solution and get the leads.

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  • Prototype

    We've made an interactive prototype of the new internet banking mobile app which we've tested with potential users across the whole Europe.


  • "Well built proposition and video is better than 1000 words, dozens of hours spent on meetings and workshops. International validation, product-market-fit and the speed of execution is something we wouldn't be able to manage internally."

    Tomas Zdara, Teamleader, Advanced technologies & prototypes at Ceska Sporitelna
    • Leads

      We've generated 21 qualified leads across the whole Europe.

    • Insights

      We got feedback from more then 40 startups across the world.

    • Proof of concept

      We were able to verify the idea and the business potential without any mobile development.

    • Internal progress

      Because of real results our client was able to easily uphold the project in front of the Erste group board.

"Outboxers got us truly out of the box. They helped us with the marketing strategy and materials so we can show them to literally anyone - startups, our stakeholders, family and friends or our corporate partners."