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  • Meet Erik...

    Erik is a Marketing manager. He's responsible for making noise around the company he's working for.

    • He'd love to create case studies and show the company's projects but the process is quite tough and expensive. He can't do it by himself, he needs an entire project team for it but they're usually already working on another client project and they usually don't remember the previous project, so he can't get the desired information.

    • And that's exactly what Versites helps you with. Scroll down to learn more...

  • Erik, the one who try to make an awesome case study.
  • Versites guidance
  • Guidance

    Boring case study is useless case study. We tell you what the your case study should contain to gain business leads, candidates or just attract the attention.

  • Content collection

    Don't know specific details about the project? Just tell us who knows them. We'll get it for you.

  • Versites feature content collection
  • Versites feature Custom
  • Customization

    Want to tailor the case study to your design needs and brand identity? Or to the client's brand? Send us the website so we'll scrape the brand identity from there.


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Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need specific IT skills to use Versites?

    Not at all! All you need is to know something about the project you want to describe. Or at least know the people who knows it.

  • Will I see the result before paying?

    Sure! Just give us a content and we'll send you the preview to your e-mail right after.

  • What if I don't like Versites?

    We'll simply send you your money back. You don't have to take any risk.

  • How long it could take to create 1 case study?

    It usually takes about 1 hour on your side. Content creation included.