Our team

Started by 2 colleagues. Now there are 4 of us.

Our start was a business cliché — two colleagues worked in digital agency started to complain to each other why their industry is so backward and why there are so many costly websites with bad UX and that could be labeled simply as “unsellable digital chaos”.

We decided to branch out from creating websites and applications for companies like Skoda Auto, Volkswagen, MSD, or Avast to reach people who don’t have million-dollar budgets but still need to create a functional and professional website for their business activities.

Finance and marketing

Lukáš Holovský

Started with "business" when he was 8 years old (by collecting and selling food for deer :) Few years and "businesses" later he managed the development of mobile and web applications for Skoda Auto, Volkswagen, UNIQA, and other small and medium-sized enterprises. His main responsibilities in Versites include product management, finance, marketing, and business development.

Design and product

Sergey Krasotin

Sergey breathes life into the ideas that we come up with at Versites. He is primarily responsible for graphic design, user experience, and front-end development. Previously, he created the graphic design and products for Skoda Auto, CA Technologies, UNIQA, and other small-scale and start-up companies. He is also the co-author of software for game studios.

Back-end development

Dan Tkachenko

Dan is responsible for the Versites heart. Using his design background Dan not just write code, but continuously thinks about functionality from user experience perspective.

Graphic design

Anton Stupnev

Anton breathes life into our design drawing cute illustrations. Started a few years as a business consultant he found some of that creative guy you usually lock away so deep inside yourself in companies like Deloitte :)

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